Services - production program

Powder coating

The technology of electrostatic apply of powder coating paints.

The limiting parts´s sizes for metal powder coating are 4 x 1.3 x 0.8 m. In case of need the parts of a length up to 5 metres can be coated.

The powder coating line with continuous furnace has been delivered by the Swedish company TRINCO.

For pre-finishing of good´s surface for painting a bath with combinated degreasing and phosphating agents is used which warranties an unique adhesion for powder coating paints.

The powder colors are purchased by us from any European producers :

We are able to offer you an exhaustive asssortment of color shades according to RAL color chart, inclusive color mixtures (highlight) and different structural surfaces.

Galvanic metal coating

We use a technology of weakly acid galvanizing bath with following passivation by blue transparent and yellow chromate.

We offer metal coating of good in suspended hangers and barrels too.

Maximal parts´dimensions for metal coating in hangers are 2 x 1 x 0.15 m.

The surface treatment inclusive prefinishing of good´s surface by degreasing and pickling is performed at computer-aided automatic line DMK.

If you will demand to enhance corrosion resistence it is possible to perform an additional treatment by organic varnish so called sealing up, alternatively as a combination of both technologies,i.e. zinc coating + powder painting.

As replacement of contemporary yellow chromate we offer a thick-wall passivation without hexavalent chrome