The company GALVOS, spol. s r.o.(Ltd.) has started its activity in 1994. Its activity is performed in own premises and buildings. The owners of the company are Mr. Miroslav Osvald and the company LOB, spol. s r.o.(Ltd.).

GALVOS is specialized in surface treatments – galvanic zinc coating and powder painting. Nowadays cca 70 employees have their job with our company. Our galvanic shop works continuously (at nights,on Saturdays,Sundays and public holidays), our paint shop works in 1-2 shifts, according to the requirements of our customers.


The company has its seat in the town Hlinsko in the Czech Republic which is located in Bohemian-Moravian highlands.

GALVOS can moreover offer own transportation services for you based on mutual agreement it is possible to perform a good´s transportation.

GALVOS® is since 1996 a holder of certificate on Trade marks,in 1998 the company has been certified in compliance with the Standard ISO 9002 by the Dutch company KEMA.

GALVOS has rich experiences on the field of surface treatments,the company is a holder of ISO 9001:2009 a ISO 14001:2005 certificates.

It follows the development of new technologies of this branche carefully,regularly takes part in expert seminars and the new knowledges are transferred into practice.